06 / May / 2020

Bev shares the love

Bev shares the love image

Like many of us, one of our wonderful volunteers, Bev, has been missing her loved ones during lockdown. It’s difficult seeing those important to us less than usual. Bev started video calling her daughters to keep in touch, just like our staff have been offering counselling, physiotherapy and support for our patients via video call. Despite this pandemic, our Hospice team are doing everything possible to be there for patients and families facing terminal illness during this time.


As well as keeping in touch, Bev also found a new way to show our love where she couldn’t see her daughters face to face.


She has made a heart for each of them, a beautiful collage of photos, reminding her of all the precious time they have had together. The hearts are hanging in her window for now, but as soon as she can see her two girls, Bev plans to give them the hearts for them to keep!


The hearts are Bev’s way of sending love to her daughters but also celebrating the work the Hospice is doing throughout this pandemic. The demand for our services has significantly increased, but our teams are working hard to ensure that anyone in need of Hospice care will be able to access it in ways that best suit them. As you will already know, you do not have to have cancer to receive care from the Hospice team. We care for all patients with terminal illness including those dying from COVID-19.


You can be part of #heartsformyhospice too and celebrate our work. Find out more here.