08 / July / 2019

Bethany School fundraising success following visit to the Hospice

Bethany School fundraising success following visit to the Hospice image

13 Sixth Form students from Bethany School visited the Hospice on Monday 1st July as part of their Activities Week. The students had a tour of the Hospice, and learned about our new service, Cottage Hospice, having been especially impressed with Cottage Hospice showroom.

The students were then placed in different departments and services across the Hospice, including Fundraising, Hospice Day Service, Hospitality, Retail, Facilities and the Garden Team. Across these services and departments, the students took part in a variety of different activities, mentored by Hospice staff and volunteers.

Three days later, the students commenced the Money Tree challenge for the Hospice. Three groups of students used their £50 investment to purchase doughnuts, ice cream and strawberries to sell, with each group hoping to make the most profit to donate to the Hospice. The students had kindly been allowed a stall by the organisers of the Pantiles Jazz Night in Tunbridge Wells and planned games to run at the stalls alongside the sweet treats for sale.

The money raised was added to an already mounting total that the students had raised from a trial run on the stalls on their school Speech Day, the Apprentice Challenge which younger students completed earlier in the term, and the money raised from the excess stock which was sold back at school the next day. Altogether, the students raised an amazing £774.25 – a truly incredible amount.

Chiara Creates, Relationship Fundraising Coordinator, said, “The students were a real credit to Bethany on their visit and we have no doubt that they were surprised and impressed at the extent of what the Hospice offers. Their fundraising was definitely all the more successful because they understood our work and we are really proud of how much they have raised. We can’t wait to continue developing our relationship with Bethany in the future, following the success of this event and of the music event they held in May, which raised £200.”

If your school would like to develop a partnership with the Hospice, see here to download a Schools Fundraising Guide or to contact Chiara.