25 / January / 2019

BBC: We Need to Talk about Death

BBC: We Need to Talk about Death image

Helen McGee, Medical Director, was interviewed by John Warnett on BBC Radio Kent in response to the BBC Horizon documentary: We Need to Talk about Death.

The documentary encouraged open conversations about death and dying, and featured patients discussing their end of life plans with family and doctors, including John, a patient who spoke about his end of life care and how he now feels able to “look forward to a happy death”.

Warnett interviewed Helen, who discussed how the programme gave an insight into what end of life care really is. Helen explained that Hospice care can be run alongside active treatment for patients, something that people often do not realise. Helen discussed how our staff and volunteers work with each patient as an individual to help them make choices that are right for them and their loved ones:

“Many patients wish to find a balance which brings them the most comfort and allows them to spend time at home or with their family. Managing people’s symptoms is a big part of Hospice Care; the aim is to do this from the beginning and prevent things from becoming a problem closer to the end of life. We are always trying to manage these symptoms – commonly pain, nausea, breathlessness – and do everything we can to help patients to live as well as they can and celebrate life.”

The interview is available on BBC sounds.