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09 / July / 2015

The launch of Cottage Hospices, Rob Woolley CEO

“We are about a philosophy of Hospice care which is focused 100% on the quality of life”

The way terminally ill people are cared for in our society is changing and Hospice in the Weald is changing with it. The need for radical reform was put in the spotlight by a recent poll conducted by YouGov. Two-thirds of people said they would prefer ...

25 / June / 2015

Mission is possible, Rob Woolley CEO


Hospice in the Weald strives to ensure that the community we serve has access to: Compassionate, Individualised, Holistic and Supportive Care for all Patients with a Terminal Illness, their Families and Carers

The Mission is in many respects in three parts; the first part is about community and the fact that we are here to serve.  The second part i...