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Team Fahim's story

At 2017's Moonlight Walk, a 28 strong team walked in memory of their much loved and missed friend and colleague, Fahim Ahmed. Here, Fahim’s colleagues from Elkington & Fife remember him and talk about why they chose to do the Moonlight Walk in his memory.

“I just remember Fahim as an extremely happy man who was always laughing and smiling” Sarah remembers “You could always tell he was in the office because you could hear him making a joke.” “He would always just roll up his sleeves and get involved. If he were here, he would probably have us doing a marathon instead!” Claire explains. “He was incredibly easy to get on with. I remember even when he got his terminal diagnosis and knew he didn’t have much time left, he was just trying to help other people come to terms with it. He told us he had done all he wanted to do in life and that was really refreshing” Sarah recalls.

“It was such a shock when Fahim passed away because he was only 35, that a group of us decided we wanted to get together and do something to celebrate and commemorate him” Rob explains. “We wanted to do a walk because Fahim had always been so active. He completed triathlons and ultramarathons. He once even completed the London Marathon with a dislocated shoulder – meeting Gordon Ramsay along the way who helped encourage him to the finish line.” Rob explains that after some research he found the Moonlight Walk which was exactly what they were looking for. “We had already chosen to support Hospice in the Weald after Fahim received care from your Hospice in the Home team and after discovering that the Moonlight Walk was being held here in Sevenoaks, I sent an email around the office recruiting for walkers. The team quickly grew to 28 – made up of fellow Elkington and Fife colleagues both from the Sevenoaks and London offices, other colleagues from professional bodies Fahim was a member of and Fahim’s father himself.” The team have set a fundraising target of £500 and are hoping to smash this following the walk. “We wanted to support Hospice in the Weald not only because you cared for Fahim” Claire explains “but because there are very few people who are not touched by the Hospice and you don’t get enough support or recongition for what you do.”

The group are looking forward to the Moonlight Walk as “a chance to all be together to chat about and remember Fahim. There will be so many of us that I’m sure we will share memories others haven’t heard before” Sarah explains. “We like the idea of walking in the evening with the sun setting – it seems a very poignant and reflective time for such an event” Claire adds. “Fahim was an example to us all so it is really nice to doing something for him because he did so much for us.”

Following the walk, the team commented that "it was a really fun evening to remember our amazing colleague, Fahim, and to do something to support our local hospice, such a great cause." The team's current fundraising total stands at £1,295!