Hospice Voices

Suzy's story

Suzy’s mother Kathy was cared for on the In-Patient Ward, and then by the Hospice in the Home team. Kathy describes how these events inspired the whole family to fundraise.

“My mother was a patient on the In-Patient Ward for about two weeks.  Staying on the Ward in those last weeks was very so uplifting for mum. It was the small things that made a massive difference, for example there were lovely ladies who would give her a hand massage. She was a massive dog-lover, and having people bring their dogs in to visit made her so happy.

It was my niece’s 8th birthday while my mum was on the Ward, and the staff and volunteers laid on one of the event rooms so we could have a party. We were able to bring the family together, just like we would at home. My mother was always involved in organising family birthdays so that final get together meant so much to her.

Whilst the Ward fulfilled so many of our needs, it was mum’s wish that she could die at home with her family around her. The help and support of the Hospice enabled us to grant mum’s final wish.

The Hospice in the Home team put everything in place, the staff and volunteers were incredible. Unfortunately, mum deteriorated rapidly once she was back home, and we relied on the Hospice completely. On the last night, at about midnight, the lovely nurse that was with us quietly told us that mum was very close to the end of her life. Her approach was sympathetic and understanding – she tried to give us the privacy to be with mum, but she was still there in case we needed anything. You would never have got that level of care anywhere else.

My mum’s death was an awful time in our lives, but the Hospice made the whole thing easier.

Shortly after Mum passed away, the whole family became involved in fundraising for the Hospice. From my husband Peter who does sponsored runs to my son Ethan selling cakes and sweets at school. The whole family are involved, but my younger daughter Sophie has gone even further.

Sophie was very close to my mum and visited her at the Hospice every day. Sophie was so inspired by the care she saw that she decided she wanted to go into a caring profession herself. Now she is a Nursing Assistant at the Hospice, passing that fantastic care on.

It’s all a way of saying thank you for a truly amazing service. It was far more than we ever dreamt possible.”