Hospice Voices

Lindsay's story

What would you want to do if you knew this would be your last Christmas with your loved one?

You may want to make sure all the family are at the celebration. Or ensure that you make the Christmas dinner just the way they like it. Maybe you would try and put your decorations up early to make the most of the time you had together. You would want to meet their final wishes, whatever these might be.

This is exactly what Lindsay and her family did for her father Guy. She says, “Dad really, really loved Christmas. He adored the festive atmosphere and spending that time with loved ones. But it became apparent Dad wasn’t going to live to see Christmas, so we did Christmas early at the end of November.” “The whole family decorated his room at home with a Christmas tree and lights and tinsel, and spent time just being together.”

At Hospice in the Weald we know how important these moments are to families and carers. Your support helps to make this time as special as they want it to be. Donate this Christmas to help more patients with a terminal illness share these special times with their families and carers. Our staff and volunteers from the Hospice in the Home service understand that many patients like Lindsay’s Dad may want to be at home over Christmas, and do all they can to make this happen. They work hard to make patients as comfortable as possible and ensure that the family have the tools and support to provide care over the festive period.



Lindsay says “the Hospice just filled in all the gaps where we didn’t know what to do. Dad died just four days after becoming unwell so the whole experience was incredibly quick. It didn’t really hit me until afterwards, but we could not have coped without their help. He used to make a Christmas wreath every year, and so we had one final Christmas wreath for him in his memory at his funeral.“During those four precious days I sat there on the bed with Dad, listening to his stories. Being able to share that time was so special. It made me realise how much I was going to miss being able to share those stories in the future. My eldest son was able to say goodbye to him at this time too, which was so important.”

“Hospice in the Weald was able to grant my Dad his final wish, which was to die at home surrounded by the people he loved and who loved him.” It is because of your support that Lindsay and her family were able to have these precious moments with Guy in the familiar surroundings of home. By donating to our Christmas appeal, you will give more patients these moments with their loved ones.