Hospice Voices

Kerry and Sam's story

Kerry and Sam first met 16 years ago when they were both pregnant with their first children. They spent a lot of time together in those early years whilst their children were growing up. Once they had grown up and were starting school the time, they spent together evaporated. Sam was missing Kerry and missed their designated slot each week where they could catch up and spend time together. Sam and Kerry both had some spare time and were in a position where they could do something useful with that time. So they decided to volunteer!

“I thought we’d be good at Laundry, because we’ve spent the last 14 years washing other people’s clothes and clearing up behind our families” Kerry.

Kerry and Sam claim to still be good at laundry, and we can vouch for that! In the time they’ve spent volunteering they’ve washed, ironed and distributed hundreds if not, thousands of items of laundry all for the patients, families and carers on our In-Patient Ward.

When they both started volunteering it was clear that they came as a pair and wanted to stick together. We made sure the duo could stick together so that they could help make a difference together. Bring a friend, it is something that we always encourage.

Sam had a friend that died at Hospice in the Weald which played a big part in choosing to volunteer here as she knew just how important the care is that we provide to the patient and their families. It’s the behind the scenes that helps run our vital services and without our workforce of hardworking and dedicated staff and volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.