Hospice Voices

Andy's story

Andy is a familiar face at our 10K Run, having braved the route for the last 10 years and already registered to take part again this September. Andy shares with pride his experience of running for Hospice in the Weald for a decade, his passion for the local community and enthusiasm for the new Hospice Run.

“For me, taking part in the Hospice Run is about supporting my local community and joining other runners with one common goal: to raise money for Hospice in the Weald. Over the years I have been told many stories of the wonderful care the Hospice provides, and I am inspired by these stories and the courage and determination of the patients to run. It feels like I am running for them.

If I can do something I love and help people at the same time, then why wouldn’t I? I’d encourage everyone to do the same! The great thing about the new Hospice Run with the 5K and 10K routes is there is an option for everyone, and all ages and abilities can get involved. It is the perfect opportunity to get active with your friends, children, family and colleagues. Knowing each stride is helping local people from our local community makes that feeling at the end of the run even better, and nothing will take away from those endorphins you feel, I guarantee it!

I hope you will consider joining me and all the dedicated runners on Sunday 22nd September for that amazing community atmosphere, there really is nothing like it. I look forward to putting my Hospice Run t-shirt on and seeing you there!”