Major Investors


For over thirty years Hospice in the Weald has been rooted in the communities of West Kent and northern East Sussex, providing services to people with a terminal illness which aim to relieve suffering and improve the quality of living and dying. Our care is tailored to meet every person’s individual and complex needs and also encompasses the people who are important to them. All our services are provided free of charge.

It costs over £7 million every year to run this hospice and our biggest cost is also our greatest resource – the expert staff who deliver the care. Less than 11% of this cost is funded by the government so the continued goodwill and support of people such as our Major Investors will be critical to our success in achieving our ambitions.

A Hospice in the Weald Major Investor differs from a traditional Major Donor to a charity as for us we aim to build a life-long relationship with our Major Investors. A Major Donor simply gives a significant amount of money to a charity. However, by becoming a Hospice in the Weald Major Investor you are a part of our mission to ensure all patients with a terminal illness, their families and carers have access to Hospice care that is compassionate, individualised, holistic and supportive. We aim to help you invest not only monetarily but emotionally and be a part of the outstanding care that we provide.

How can you help?

In the space of three years, the Major Investors of Hospice in the Weald have given significant gifts equivalent to the cost of running our In-Patient Unit for six months or the Hospice Day Service for a year and a half. These gifts also represent 5.5% of our total funding compared with less than 11% received from the NHS during the same period.

We are careful with the money so generously given and are proud of the fact that 90 pence of every £1 we raise goes towards care. We are determined to always maintain that.

We invite you to become a Major Investor of Hospice in the Weald. You would be enabling us to plan with confidence the development of our expert palliative care services so as to meet the growing needs of frail and vulnerable people facing the end of life, both now and in the future. As a Major Investor you would receive regular updates about our work and invitations to special events to meet others who support us at this level as well as key staff and Trustees.

To find out more or to discuss what it means to be a Hospice in the Weald Major Investor please contact our Head of Fundraising , Sarah Raine at sarah.raine@hospiceintheweald.org.uk or call 01892 820540