Knit-a-Chick 2020

They’re back, those chirpy chicks of our Knit-a-Chick campaign!

It's that time again! Time to get those needles clacking and create characterful and colourful chicks for Easter. This year, we're celebrating 40 years of the Hospice, so why not add some ruby touches - perhaps a red scarf, hat or beak to make our flock as eye catching as possible. Download the knitting pattern here.

All our chicks need pairing with an egg (Cadbury's creme egg, or similar) - so if you can include eggs or make a donation towards their cost, it’s always hugely appreciated!

This year, help create a bumper clutch and raise a record breaking amount of money in our 40th anniversary year. Once you have knitted as many chicks as you can, fill their tummies with a chocolate egg, fill out the details slip and drop them in to your local Hospice in the Weald charity shop. Don't forget to pick up your discount on materials from our partners Closs & Hamblin in Tunbridge Wells and Barsleys in Paddock Wood.

Chicks will be on sale with a chocolate egg for £2 as soon as they arrive in our Hospice shops so look out for them soon! Buy yours for Easter gifts for friends, family and grandchildren, host an Easter chick hunt in your garden, dress up your Easter lunch table with these adorable little friends or simply start a collection!

Whether you’re knitting chicks or giving them a home, this is a truly heart-warming campaign to be a part of.