Hospice Raffle

Good luck and thank you!

You did it! This year, over 1200 people came together to raise over £48,000 towards the £7 million it costs every year, to provide free of charge Hospice care to patients, their families and carers. On behalf of everyone at Hospice in the Weald, thank you!

Raffle entries for 2019 are now closed, the Raffle was drawn on Thursday 10th October.

Congratulations to our winners:

Mrs Courivaud - ticket number 358696
Mrs Bartholomew - ticket number 358584
Mrs White - ticket number 146392
Mrs McQuillan - ticket number 215249
Mrs Tuson - ticket number 224339
Mr Holness - ticket number 104320
Mr Stevenson - ticket number 276373
Mr West - ticket number 223343
Mrs Stace - ticket number 226340
Miss Holman - ticket number 74219
Mrs Murray - ticket number 153399
Mrs Jones - ticket number 287252
Mr Oakenfull - ticket number 112177

Last year 1,700 people asked for our Hospice support and every year the local need increases. Right now, we estimate at least 2,800 people across West Kent and East Sussex would benefit from Hospice care. We’re not part of the NHS, we’re a local charity rooted in the community we serve and to meet this growing need, we need to raise more money. Every ticket bought in our annual Hospice Raffle and every donation we receive will help us achieve this.

Thank you.