Every Precious Moment Appeal

Every Precious Moment Appeal


27th February 2019 at 12:00pm


31st May 2019 at 9:49am

One moment you might be enjoying a family day out and the next, two of the most important people in your life need round the clock care. That’s what happened to Jess and her family...

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When your loved ones approach the end of their life and need Hospice support, what precious moments will you look back on and treasure?

When Jess’s Mum, Clare, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) she was just 53 years old and Jess was in her final year of her A-Levels. The diagnosis was as devasting to her family as you might imagine.

The early stages of Clare’s illness were a huge learning curve for Jess, her Dad and brother – as it is for every family with a loved one learning to live with a terminal illness. They learnt to care for her as well as learning how to support each other in becoming her carers.

Jess said, “Throughout it all, Hospice in the Weald was very important to us. We attended the Day Service together where every part of the day is designed to support the patients and their families. Having these precious moments and spending time with Mum was very special and meant I was able to be her daughter, not just her carer.”

In Kent and East Sussex there are so many families like Jess’ coming to terms with the devastating impact of a terminal illness diagnosis. It costs £7million each year to provide vital Hospice care. To help support Hospice in the Weald and families like Jess' celebrate life and enjoy the precious moment that they have together, make a donation today!

A crushing change

6 months after Clare’s diagnosis, the delicate new family life was thrown into turmoil once more. Jess’s Dad Giles was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They had worked together as a team to ensure my Clare was cared for, comfortable and happy. But this was about to change.

Jess was thrown into being a carer for both of her parents.

“It was a very tough time, my precious family had changed beyond recognition,” says Jess. “My Dad changed so quickly. After only a few months he struggled to walk, and I had to do little things like fasten his watch onto his wrist for him.”

Through it all, Jess and her brother had to look after him and her Mum. She gave them their meals, medications and some nights slept downstairs with them. It was very, very hard; her role became both a carer and a daughter. The roles got mixed up and sometimes it felt impossible to be both.

However, Hospice in the Weald continued to provide support. “Not just care to my parents, but as a place I could come and spend time as their daughter, not their carer. We became a family again. We began to rebuild some of the precious moments we had lost.”

Please, help families like Jess’s enjoy the previous time they have together with a donation to Hospice in the Weald.