Ho Ho Hospice Rumble Santas vs Penguins

Ho Ho Hospice Rumble Santas vs Penguins


16th December 2018 at 11:00am


22nd December 2018 at 1:38pm

Our festive 5K Rumble is back! Run, walk or skip your way to the finish on this fun family route.

Well done to all our Speedy Santas and Pacy Penguins at our biggest and best Ho Ho Hospice Rumble!

Download your well earned certificate here

Don your Santa or Penguin outfit and battle it out to prove your team is supreme.

A free Santa or Penguin suit is included in your signup fee as well as a complimentary glass of mulled wine post-race.

Route 2018

Click here to view our new venue at The Schools at Somerhill!


The Supreme Santa Squad

Superior speedsters

Already masters of the sky, thanks to their habit of using flying reindeer, Santas are out to prove that they are also masters of the 5K Rumble.

Fiercely competitive with not only Penguins but among each other as well, Santas understand the need for individual inspiration as well as team unity. They may look the same with their bushy white beards and red bobbly hats but no Santa is like another.

Moving at a fast pace is in their blood. This descends from the original Santa Claus who uses extreme speed to visit 832 houses a second in order to deliver all presents in one night.

Will you join this team of speedsters?


The Proud Penguin Platoon

An embodiment of team spirit

It’s undeniable that Penguins are extremely capable swimmers, their torpedo shape and their ability to swim underwater for up to 20 minutes certainly helps them prove they are the most aquatic species of birds.

Now they are out to prove that they are champions on land. Being great runners is not something usually associated with Penguins because of their short legs and long tailcoats but nonetheless their determination and belief is somewhat admirable.

The Penguin team are hugely loyal creatures who value team work above all else, which is proven by their mass huddling when the going gets tough in the Antarctic.

Will you join team Penguin’s comradery and prove that they are the champions of land as well as the sea?



Fundraising for Hospice in the Weald

Are you looking to fundraise for Hospice in the Weald? By raising £50 through sponsorship, you could fund a Therapy Assistant for four hours, working to ensure we provide patients with a range of therapies to help ease any stress or discomfort and provide a relaxing experience.


Set up your fundraising page at either JustGiving, BT MyDonate or Virgin Money Giving or download your sponsorship form to start fundraising.


Are you rumbling in memory of a loved one or fancy getting crafty with the kids before Ho Ho? Why not download our printable snowflake and decorate it for event day!

Downlaod and print your very own snowflake, get creative and don't forget to pin it to your costume before the rumble!

Click here to download your own snowflake.


For more information or to sign up over the phone, please contact Michelle Winstone on 01892 820533 or michelle.winstone@hospiceintheweald.org.uk

This event is proudly sponsored by Fidelity International    

Thank you to The Schools at Somerhill for hosting this year's Ho Ho Hospice Rumble  


Thank you to Cook for donating mince pies for our post rumble refreshments

Map and Directions

Ho Ho Hospice Rumble Santas vs Penguins
The Schools at Somerhill, Somerhill, Tonbridge TN11 0NJ