Christmas Appeal 2019

Sarah shares her experiences of the In-Patient Ward, and how it helped her family come together, for our Christmas appeal this year.

“I was first referred to the Hospice by the palliative care team at Maidstone Hospital. The whole thing came as a total shock. In June, after a CT scan, I was told I was doing ok, my cancer and condition was relatively stable. Two months later, I was told I only had months to live. The shock was unbelievable.”

Sarah has spent time with her family at the Hospice, and has continued doing the things she loves:

“It’s not in human nature to accept that you’re going to die, but we all will one day. Unfortunately I’ve been given a head start. So I need to make every day count. I’ve done that so far. The Hospice organised a spa day for my daughter and I, in the summer house, and a family dinner. The volunteers and staff got involved and made these things happen for me and my family. And friends of my son really wanted to do something for me and came up with a wonderful idea. Jack and David are currently touring the UK in Dad’s Army Radio Show and they came to do a performance for me, my family and friends, and anyone else at the Hospice. It was brilliant.

This time has been incredibly hard on my family, but the care from the Hospice has helped. Being able to have these special days together has been so important.

These things were all a reason for us to get together and an afternoon or evening of laughter. We got to forget the reality for a little while.”

Christmas is a time when families come together, and your donation will help families like Sarah’s get the Hospice care they need.

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