Hospice in the Weald operates a No Smoking policy in accordance with smoke free legislation. Smoking is not permitted inside our buildings or grounds. For safety reasons (theirs and ours) patients cannot smoke anywhere on the In-Patient Ward, but we will make provision for ward patients (only patients, not visitors) to use e-cigarettes in their rooms.

The one exception is that visitors to the ward, including family members, can smoke in the 'Visitors Designated Smoking Shelter', opposite the front entrance. We make this exception because family members, carers and friends visiting patients on the ward are often here for long periods of time.

Patients, families and carers coming briefly to the Hospice to attend other services such as Hospice Day Service, Hospice Appointments, or Counselling & Support Service can’t smoke anywhere, including the Visitors Designated Smoking Shelter.

The above is an extract from our Smoking policy.  To continue reading our full policy, please click here.