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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy in palliative care to some may appear a contradiction. It is known to many as a profession that is dedicated to the rehabilitation, enablement and empowerment of patients.

However, it is essential to establish that just because a person has a terminal illness that is life-limiting it does not mean that they have lost the potential for some functional improvement.

Physiotherapy aims to improve the quality of life and promote independence.

Hospice in the Weald’s physiotherapy service offers:

  • Full assessment of the patient
  • A treatment plan centred around patients’ goals
  • Hospice Appointments on a one to one basis with the physiotherapist
  • Referral to an appropriate group that will meet their needs such as sitting exercise group or circuit group.
  • Constant modification of the treatment plan if or when the patient requires it
  • Physiotherapy can address common problems such as loss of function/mobility; muscle weakness; neurological impairment; falls; breathlessness; pain.

Where will the physiotherapy assessment take place?

A physiotherapy assessment can take place as a Hospice Appointment here at the hospice, in Hospice Day Service or on the In-Patient Ward.

How can I contact the physiotherapy service?

Referrals to the physiotherapy service can be made through any of the Hospice team. Or you can contact them directly:

For more information please contact Julie Harker - Physiotherapist, on 01892 820531 or julie.harker@hospiceintheweald.org.uk