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Occupational Therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists work with people who are finding activities or daily tasks difficult due to illness.  They aim to identify an individual’s needs and limitations and offer advice to help people achieve their goals and enable them to lead as fulfilling a life as possible.

Hospice in the Weald’s occupational therapy service offers:

  • Full assessment of the individual’s home environment and functional abilities.
  • Recommendation and provision of equipment to assist with everyday activities such as bathing, showering, getting around indoors and domestic tasks.
  • The arrangement of minor home adaptations to enable patients to safely and independently maintain everyday activities at home. These may include interior grab rails, stair rails and external rails to improve access to the home.
  • Offering advice and information on the hire or purchase of larger items of equipment such a stair lift, riser recliner chairs and bath lifts.
  • Referral to the NHS for the provision of wheelchairs.
  • Exploring and teaching strategies for fatigue management and energy conservation for people experiencing high levels of fatigue. 


Where will the occupational therapy assessment take place?

The occupational therapist will usually arrange an assessment in your own home.  However, patients can also be seen in the Hospice Day Service or while staying on the In-patient Ward.

How can I contact the occupational therapy service?

Referrals to the OT service can be made through any of the Hospice team.

For more information please contact Kathy Lynch - Senior Occupational Therapist, on 01892 820585 or kathy.lynch@hospiceintheweald.org.uk