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Song-Writing Group

The song-writing group is based in our Hospice Day Service, but is available to all Hospice patients, families and carers. Ask any member of the Hospice team to refer you or ring our Creative Musician directly and they will discuss Song-Writing Group with you and how it could help you.


The Benefits

There are many benefits to writing your own original song, and all of which contribute to an improved quality of life. The song-writing group allows you to leave a legacy to a loved one, or perhaps remember a loved one. This group can empower you to express your thoughts and feelings and exercise your choice and control as well as improve mood and concentration. You will get support from your peers, the Creative Musician and Creative Music Volunteers. This group will provide you with a sense of purpose and help to reduce anxiety, depression and carer burden.


What do we do?

The main objective is to produce a memory project for the patient, family member or carer, remembering a loved ones life which enshrines their thoughts and life events within a musical framework.

Week 1: Brainstorming - Starting with an ice breaker we will make a short song together. We will then brainstorm ideas for your own original song.

Week 2: Writing the lyrics – We will start to put together lyrics for your own songs with ideas and inspiration from the week before.

Week 3: Making a Melody—This week will involve the creation of the music to go with the lyrics.  The Creative Musician and Creative Music Volunteers will help you through this process; whether you decide to play the


For more information regarding when the next Song-writing group is, please contact Hannah Bruce - Creative Musician, on 01892 820558 or hannah.bruce@hospiceintheweald.org.uk