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Body Percussion Group

What is the  Body Percussion Group and how can I access it?

The body percussion group is based in our Hospice Day Service, but is available to all Hospice patients, families and carers. Please ask a member of the Hospice team to refer you or speak directly to the Creative Musician who will discuss the relaxation group with you and how it could benefit you.

The Benefits

In essence, body percussion can be beneficial in three main areas:

The physical— as it is a form of exercise that stimulates awareness of the body. It also helps to improve control over movements and muscle strength, together with coordination and balance.

The mental— improves concentration, perception and memory.

The social—We can help you to build relationships and boost your self-esteem. It will also help to improve your mood and provide you with a renewed sense of purpose leading to a relief from anxiety and stress.

What do we do?

The body percussion group uses different parts of the body as well as percussion instruments for self expression through improvisation. Our bodies are musical instruments and in a typical session we will explore different sounds through the body and voice using different exercises specifically for memory, for muscle strength and for coordination.

At the end of a session, percussion instruments are handed out. The last few minutes are spent thinking about letting go of any negativity and bringing in positive energy through the instruments.

The body percussion group runs on a Wednesday morning from 11.30am at the Hospice.


For more information please contact Hannah Bruce - Creative Musician, on 01892 820558 or hannah.bruce@hospiceintheweald.org.uk