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Music for Relaxation

What is the  Relaxation Group and how can I access it?

The relaxation group is based in our Hospice Day Service, but is available to all Hospice patients, families and carers. Please ask a member of the Hospice team to refer you or speak directly to the Creative Musician who will discuss the relaxation group and its benefits with you.

The Benefits

Relaxation can benefit your emotional and mental well-being by giving you an escape; a peaceful place to help you cope with life’s stresses and helps to balance the body and mind.

Other benefits can include lowering blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. It may relieve stress, apprehension, fear and depression. This group will help to improve your mood, concentration and focus and relieve signs of insomnia.

What we do

This group aims to provide resourceful techniques such as listening to soothing music, deep breathing and visualisation. These techniques are used for patients, families and carers within a group setting and amongst their peers who may have a similar mindset.  We also teach you these techniques to use externally, where perhaps they may help with every day stressful situations.


The relaxation group takes place every Friday in the Quiet room at 2pm at the Hospice.


For more information please contact Hannah Bruce - Creative Musician, on 01892 820558 or hannah.bruce@hospiceintheweald.org.uk