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Creative Fabric Group

What is the group?

This group aims to enable patients, their families and carers to work creatively with different fabrics, including personal and special ones, and provides an opportunity to create unique pieces, learn more about the skills of working with fabrics and work with others.

What happens in the group?

This group provides support to patients, their families and carers who want to work creatively with personal and special fabrics. This can include repurposing fabrics into pillow cases, making blankets and quilts, making fabric books, memory projects and any other material project or hobby.

There are planned projects as well as space to work on your own personal one. Working together as part of a group can provide great peer support as well as furnishing individuals with skills to use again and again such as quilting, stitching and crochet. The group provides a supportive environment where individuals can explore color, texture, different stitches and materials to express themselves.

When and where?

The group takes place on alternating Wednesday evenings from 5.00pm – 7.00pm in the Hospice Day Service. The first session will be held on the 14th June for an open evening.

How can I join the group?

To join the group, please get in touch with Georgia Clarke - Creative Arts Assistant on 01892 820 558 or email