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Creative Arts

Creative Arts is based in our Hospice Day Service, but is available to all hospice patients whether they are on the In-patient Ward, an outpatient or attending Hospice Day Service.

Nell Mellerick is our creative artist who is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm; she is assisted by Creative Arts Assistants,Julie Annis and Georgia Clarke, who work within the Hospice Day Service. They are supported by a fantastic team of volunteers.

You can be referred to Creative Arts through any of the Hospice in the Weald team. Then either Nell, our creative artist, Julie, or Georgia, our Creative Arts Assistants, will meet you to discuss your interests, needs and what you hope to achieve.  We will then discuss with you what you would wish to access.

You DO NOT have to think of yourself as an ARTIST to join in. The creative arts team are here to support and guide you towards any goals you may have.  We have various groups and one-to-one sessions in Creative Arts.  One-to-one sessions with our creative artist involve two main themes - either memory projects or creative expression.

Memory Projects

Work with our creative artist to create memory projects, leaving a legacy.  These can take many forms such as a memory box or book, photographic collages, family trees, recipe books, vocal recordings, DVDs, letters, life stories, hand print recording, poetry collections, digital books online and many more. A memory project is your legacy to be left to a loved one. We can assist with the technical parts of your project and help to guide you through the processes.  This may be something you want to do together with your friends and family.

Creative Expression

Do you want to create pieces of artwork? Use art to communicate? Discuss and view famous art pieces? Do you need something to focus on?
We use a variety of exercises and techniques such as visual diaries, self-portraits, creative writing, image cards, art expression, Google-art and many more.  Do not worry if you do not think of yourself as artistic, the creative arts team are there to give advice and assistance with technique and skills. You will be surprised by what you can achieve!

Group Sessions

See some of our patients’ artwork and exhibitions in our gallery.

Or upload your own masterpiece, submit your artwork here.

Booking essential, for more information please contact Nell Mellerick - Head of Hospice Day Service, on 01892 820559 or nelise.mellerick@hospiceintheweald.org.uk