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Body Image Group

This group aims to build body confidence in patients, families and carers in a supportive network of their peers who understand what they are going through; and provides a safe and relaxing environment where they can share thoughts, concerns, emotions and experiences.


We aim to pamper and treat patients, families and carers in this group to relax and soothe, improving moods with various wellbeing therapies using Swiss formulated luxurious, elegant, beautiful products that are pure, safe and beneficial.


What happens?

Led by volunteers, the group will have different treatments available each week delivered in a group setting.  Each week will look at a different theme from nutrition to skincare to essential oils.



Relieve muscle tension and provide relaxation
Relieve stress
Improve mood and uplift spirits
Learning new skills
Revitalise the body and mind
Peer support


Where and When

Thursday afternoons in the Hospice Day Service main room.

For more information, please contact Nell Mellerick - Head of Hospice Day Service on 01892 820464 or nell.mellerick@hospiceintheweald.org.uk