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Bellydance Group

The Bellydance group aims at working with women affected by trauma and will be a great opportunity for patients, families and carers to engage in a physically active and cognitively challenging group where they are able to express themselves through fun bellydance choreography amongst their peers. This group aims to support and encourage individuals of all different body types.


Bellydance is largely accepted in today’s society as having remarkable health and wellbeing effects to women from all walks of life. Our main objectives are to allow each individual to improve self-esteem, body image, build the confidence to embrace their appearance and to have fun!


The group will be held by volunteers for 1 hour in the knole room


What happens?

The group is based on a beginners class format, which teaches the basic moves of bellydance and finishes with a simple, fun choreography. This will usually take place in a circle, in line with tradition in the middle east. The benefit of the circle format is that it creates a sense of togetherness so the group can see the teacher easily as well as seeing each other. Being able to see each other’s faces as they move fosters supportive behaviour amongst participants, as well as promoting happiness.



The benefits

Improve self-esteem and body image
Develop and encourage social, coordination and concentration skills
Uplifts spirits and improves mood
Motivation associated with learning a new skill
Peer support
Decrease anxiety
Good form of exercise