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Services available while you are with us

The nursing and medical team will be the ones primarily looking after you during your stay, but we may suggest that one of the hospice’s other services might also benefit you or a member of your family.

Physiotherapy – patients only.

Physiotherapy can sometimes help with symptoms such as breathlessness or anxiety.  It may also help with improving and maintaining your mobility. Physiotherapy is explained in more detail here.

Occupational Therapy – patients only

Our occupational therapists can visit you on the In-Patient Ward to assess your needs and advise you on different types of equipment that could improve your daily living and mobility.  Please click here for in-depth information on this and how it might help you.

Wellbeing Therapy

Our Wellbeing Therapists are trained in techniques such as aromatherapy and reflexology and can offer you a massage to help alleviate stresses and tensions.  To see what therapies are available, please click here.

Creative Arts

You can be referred to our creative artist or the creatiev musicianto participate in memory projects, creative expression, an art workshop or perhaps a creative family Saturday with your loved ones.  Read more information here about what is available – you don’t have to be artistic to benefit from creative arts.

Counselling support service

If you would like to discuss how to cope with living with a terminal illness or the emotions that you may be going through, our counselling support team will be happy to provide some helpful advice.  Read more about our counselling support service here .

Spiritual support

Many people find that illness makes them think about spiritual issues. Questions may arise which have not have done so before.  Why is all this happening to me? What has my life been all about? Is there a God? What can make my life feel worth living now?  What do I believe happens after death?  These concerns may not necessarily be religious but our spiritual care chaplain is happy to support you while you are with us and discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.  To know more, please click here.