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Counselling for Patients

Having a terminal illness can bring up very difficult emotions:

  • You may feel scared and have many questions about the future
  • You may worry about how your family will react to your illness
  • Sometimes, small things may seem to be too much and you may feel overwhelmed, as though you cannot cope
  • Your body may be changing and you may not feel like yourself any more
  • Everything may feel unreal, and you may not be able to concentrate. Coping with your daily routine may be a struggle
  • You may feel sad and tearful out of the blue
  • You may feel isolated and fearful of upsetting people close to you when talking about your illness
  • Being diagnosed has probably changed your life and you may feel shocked

How counselling can help

For years we have been helping people with a diagnosis of cancer or other terminal illnesses. Having a regular time when you talk to a qualified counsellor often results in finding a greater sense of control and confidence.  The feedback we get from people we see for counselling is consistently that they are very satisfied.

If you would like further information please contact us on 01892 820525, or email counselling@hospiceintheweald.org.uk.