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Counselling for Carers

If you are a carer, you’ll know that your life can soon begin to revolve around the needs of the person you care for. There are hospital appointments to get to and keep track of, changes in the patient’s role and perhaps in your relationship, all the domestic tasks to still find time for. Under these circumstances, it can be very easy to lose sight of you, the carer, and your needs.

Support for carers

As a carer, you are going through a life-changing psychological journey that might sometimes be a struggle.

Caring for somebody can bring up intense feelings such as:

  • Impatience, irritability and being snappy at times
  • Guilt for not being understanding and kind enough all the time
  • Anxiety, perhaps thinking that you have to make sure you are on top of every little detail

You might find that you:

  • Don’t have time for yourself
  • You feel you need to ‘perform’ and be ‘positive’, put on a ‘brave face’
  • You become socially isolated and feel lonely.

You might be reluctant to talk to someone you know about this very private experience. Talking to a counsellor may help.

Approaching the Hospice in the Weald Counselling & Support Service to find out about counselling is not necessarily the same as signing up for counselling. Your first appointment will be an opportunity to meet with a counsellor and discuss your situation in confidence. If you then decide that counselling is appropriate, and may be helpful, arrangements will be made for you to meet with a counsellor on a weekly basis for an agreed number of sessions.  To book an introductory appointment, ring the Counselling & Support Service on 01892 820525.

In addition, seeing a counsellor doesn’t necessarily mean you are taking up counselling. It can be just a first meeting to discuss the situation and see whether it may be helpful for you. Many people come once and that is enough for them, while others choose regular counselling over a period of time.

 If you would like further information please contact us on 01892 820525, or email counselling@hospiceintheweald.org.uk.