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Meet Your Heads of Service

Each Hospice in the Weald Service has a 'Head of Service' or Matron who are supported by a team of medical and nursing specialists and volunteers to ensure that we can offer compassionate, individualised, holistic and supportive care to patients with a terminal illness, their families and carers.

All of Hospice in the Weald's Heads of Service are available to answer any queries or questions you may have and can be contacted as follows, alternatively please click on the Head of Service name to email them directly...


Lisa Hatcher - Hospice Day Service and Hospice in the Home Matron, on 01892 820500

Marguerite Kenward- In-Patient Ward Matron and Head of Therapies, on 01892 820539

Urtzi Cristobal - Head of Counselling Support Services, on 01892 820 554

Helen McGee- Medical Director, on 01892 820503

Peter Ellis- Nursing Director, on 01892 820507

To read more about our Heads of Service please click here