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Advance Statement

An advance statement sets down your preferences, wishes, beliefs and values regarding your future care. The aim is to provide a guide to anyone who might have to make decisions in your best interest if you lose the capacity to choose for yourself or to communicate them in the future.

By writing your advance statement down and talking about your wishes, you can help to make things clear to your family and anybody involved in your care.

You could, for example, want to discuss treatments that might or might not be appropriate for you and to think about those treatments you might wish to avoid. This may lead to you considering completing an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment or appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney to help make decisions for you in the future.

An advance statement is not legally binding but needs to be taken into account when others are making decisions about your care at a time you are unable to. Take your Advance Care Plan to hospital, your GP and share it on admission to a care home.