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Planning for the Future

What will happen if you become seriously ill or disabled, especially if you can no longer take decisions for yourself?  Many people reach a time when they find themselves contemplating the consequences.  These thoughts may be spurred by a bout of ill health or as a result of a life changing event.  It may just be that you are the sort of person who likes to plan ahead.

But you may want to take the opportunity to think about what living with a serious illness might mean to you, your partner, or relatives.  You may wish to record what your preferences and wishes for future care and treatment might be.  Or you may simply choose to do nothing at all.

One way of making people aware of your wishes is by a process of Advance Care Planning.  This involves thinking and talking about your wishes for how you are cared for in the future.  Anyone can plan for their future care, whether they are approaching the end of their life or not.  Advance Care Planning can let people know your wishes and feelings while you're still able to.