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Tips for managing breathlessness

  • Sit down to carry out everyday tasks like washing, dressing and preparing food.
  • Cool air blowing directly onto or across your face can help you breathe more easily. Try sitting by an open window or using a small handheld fan.
  • Arrange your kitchen with frequently used items stored at waist-height, rather than having to bend or stretch to reach cupboards and shelves.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes, especially around your waist and chest. Sit down when dressing and bring your feet up to put on socks, tights and shoes, as bending can make you breathless. Slip-on shoes are easier to get on and off than shoes with laces.
  • Using a telephone extension cord or a cordless or mobile phone, will mean that you don’t have to rush to answer a call.
  • A baby monitor is a good way of talking to someone in another room without having to shout or get up, especially at night.
  • Concentrate on your OUT breath – slow sighs. This is more helpful and effective than emphasising taking breaths in and easier to do.