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Tips for managing pain at home

It is important to always report any new pain to your doctor even if you think you know the cause. If pain is treated early it may be managed with less medication or other treatment. Some useful suggestions to manage pain which you can discuss with your doctor and your local palliative care services include:

Pain medications – their dose and frequency of use.
Keep a pain diary, use cold/warm packs, use breakthrough painkillers and physical aids. Ensure you take your pain medications regularly and take breakthrough doses as and when needed.

Frames (bed cradles) to keep linen and blankets off a painful area.
Back supports to make sitting more comfortable for you. Ask to speak to a physiotherapist or occupational therapist who can advise you on what is available.

Positioning yourself well can relieve pain.
Constipation can make discomfort and pain worse and preventing constipation can prevent pain.

Distraction can be useful – conversation or a good book or film.