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Coping with taste changes

  • Eat foods that you enjoy and ignore those that don’t appeal to you. But try them again after a few weeks as your sense of taste may change again.
  • Use seasonings, spices and herbs like rosemary, basil and mint to flavour your food.
  • Try marinating meat in fruit juices or wine to improve its flavour, or eat it with strong sauces like sweet and sour or curry.
  • Serve fish, chicken and egg dishes with sauces.
  • Cold meats may taste better served with pickle or chutney.
  • Sharp-tasting foods like fresh fruit, fruit juices and bitter boiled sweets can be refreshing and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.
  • If you go off the taste of tea or coffee, try lemon tea or green tea instead, or perhaps an ice-cold fizzy drink like lemonade or fresh orange juice with soda water.
  • Some people find that cold foods taste more palatable than hot foods.