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Tips for dealing with a dry mouth

  • Regular mouthwashes can help keep your mouth clean and moist, but avoid any that contain alcohol or glycerine as these can dry the lining of your mouth. If your tongue is coated, try gently cleaning it with a soft toothbrush or cotton bud.
  • Fizzy drinks such as fresh orange juice with soda water can be a refreshing way to keep your mouth moist. You could also try sucking flavoured ice cubes and ice lollies.
  • Keep your lips moist by using Vaseline® or a flavoured lip balm. Smoothing a small amount of vegetable oil on the lining of your mouth can help to keep it moist, especially at night.
  • Artificial saliva is available as gels, sprays, pastilles or lozenges. Your doctor can prescribe these for you.