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Helpful hints if you have a sore mouth

  • Follow a mouth care routine as far as possible.
  • If your toothpaste stings, use a mouthwash instead.
  • If you wear dentures, you may find it easier to leave them out for a while to prevent them rubbing against your gums. Ask your doctor about this if you’re having radiotherapy to the jaw area, as you may be advised to keep your dentures in as much as possible during the day to help maintain the shape of your gums.
  • Avoid neat spirits, tobacco, hot spices, garlic, onion, vinegar and salty foods, as these may irritate your mouth.
  • Keep your mouth and food moist. Add gravy and sauces to your food to make swallowing easier.
  • Avoid rough-textured food, such as toast and crisps, as these can scrape sore areas.
  • Try to drink at least one litre (about two pints) of fluid a day - this can include water, tea, weak coffee and soft drinks such as fruit juices.
  • Try drinking through a straw to avoid irritating sore parts of your mouth.
  • Cold foods and drinks can be soothing to a sore mouth. Try adding crushed ice to drinks and eating ice cream or ice lollies.
  • Warm herbal teas may be more soothing than acidic drinks like orange and grapefruit juice.