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Dealing with indigestion

The best way of dealing with indigestion depends on its cause. If you have a small stomach, it can help to avoid drinking fluids at mealtimes. Try having small, frequent meals and snacks throughout the day, rather than two or three large meals.

Irritation of the stomach lining can be relieved by antacid medicines like Asilone®. Drugs that reduce acid production, such as ranitidine (Zantac®) or omeprazole (Losec®), can relieve indigestion caused by the overproduction of stomach acid.  A drug called semeticone (Dentinox®, Infacol®) can reduce indigestion caused by wind.  An anti-sickness drug called metoclopramide can help with indigestion by causing the stomach to empty more quickly. This also helps to relieve nausea.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe the most suitable drug(s) for you, depending on the cause of your indigestion.