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Helping turn someone in bed

This section is written for a family member or carer to help them to assist you with your mobility.

Avoid over-reaching. It will damage your back.

  • Remove tight or heavy bedclothes (you can keep the person covered with a small light blanket).
  • If possible have only one pillow whilst moving.
  • Ask the person to bend both knees and put their feet flat on the bed (you can do this gently for them, one at a time, if they can’t do it for themselves).
  • Then position yourself at the side of the bed they are going to face.
  • Bring their far arm towards you across their body.
  • Facing the person, place one hand behind their shoulder and one behind their hip.
  • Ask them to roll towards you. You can give assistance.
  • Use pillows behind their back to support them, if necessary, and ensure they are comfortable.

There are lots of ways to turn someone in bed. Ask the district nurse to show you the best techniques for you and the person you are caring for.