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Helping someone to stand from sitting

This section is written for a family member or carer to help them to assist you with your mobility.

  • Never try to lift someone from under the armpit or by pulling their arms.
  • Bring their bottom forward to the front of the chair/bed/lavatory.
  • Place their hands firmly on the arms of the chair. If there are no arms, place their hands on the edge of the seat.
  • Tuck their feet well back under them a little way apart.
  • Ask them to lean forward from the hips (nose over toes).
  • Using their arms, push to stand.
  • If further help is needed, assist by giving gentle forward pressure on the back between the shoulders. Say ‘ready, steady, up’ so you work together.
  • If a walking aid is used, they should now take hold of it.
  • Make sure their knees are straight and they are well balanced before they start to move or walk away.

This sequence can be reversed to sit from standing.