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Pain and Symptom Relief

Pain and symptom management is an important part of palliative care. Many people rate this as one of the most important issues at this stage of their treatment whether they are at home or in a hospice, hospital or other assisted care.

Symptoms can usually be well controlled by you, your family and friends and members of the medical and nursing team caring for you.

You may have one or more of the symptoms described in this section of the website, but you’re unlikely to have more than a few of them. Some symptoms are only likely to occur with particular illnesses and others can be caused by treatments.  Sometimes one symptom can affect another - for example, pain may make it difficult to sleep. If you find a symptom is particularly troublesome, it’s important to let your medical team know so they can arrange appropriate help and treatment.

Palliative care specialists liaise and work with all the parties involved to treat and manage pain and symptoms in a coordinated plan. Often a palliative care doctor or nurse can make suggestions to GPs or hospital specialists to help to ensure good symptom control.