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People to tell and things to be done

In time, there many people that may need to be told about a loved ones death.  This may include;

  • Your loved ones family, friends and extended network 
  • The local Social Services Department if the person was getting meals-on-wheels, home help, day centre care or had borrowed equipment
  • A loved one’s GP
  • Any employer who was paying a salary or pension
  • Insurance companies (if you are insured to drive the car under the deceased’s name, you will to be legally insured)
  • Gas, electricity, oil and telephone suppliers if applicable
  • The local housing department/housing authority if the person who died was living in authority/housing association housing
  • The Post Office so that mail can be redirected to the personal representative
  • The Bank or Building Society (joint accounts automatically become sole ownership of the survivor but sole accounts are frozen at the time of notification).