21 / March / 2018

Support the Forget Me Not campaign

Support the Forget Me Not campaign image

This spring we are thrilled to be holding our third Forget Me Not campaign, following another successful year in 2017. Hospice patients, their families and carers as well as, Hospice staff and volunteers from the community

we serve have all come together to lovingly make and handcraft this year’s ceramic Forget Me Not flowers.


The Forget Me Not campaign brings together people from across the Hospice and from our community whose loved one has died either at the Hospice or elsewhere. All are welcome to come together to make and decorate ceramic Forget Me Not flowers. Each flower is individual, and this year the flowers are two shades of purple, with a bright yellow centre.


You can support the Hospice in memory of a loved one by making a recommended minimum donation of £25 for a flower. Donations raised through the Forget Me Not Appeal will help us fund more services such as Counselling Support Sessions for bereaved relatives, including children, enabling loved ones to find ways of coping with loss and face the challenging effects of grief.


Bev is a Hospice Day Service volunteer, and has helped make and create the Forget Me Not flowers since the campaign started in 2015.

“The patients are at the heart of the campaign,” says Bev, “with everyone – their families, the staff , volunteers and people in our community whose loved ones have died at the Hospice – all coming together to remember them and create something unique”


The Forget Me Not flower installations will once again be planted in three stunning locations, open to the public to visit and have their own moments of remembrance and contemplation. The flowers will be on display in Wilderness Wood, Dunorlan Park and Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, from the 8th – 21st May. The Hospice will also be hosting dedication ceremonies at each of the gardens, a time to come together and join others in celebrating and remembering the lives of those they love. There is no need to book to come to a dedication ceremony, you can turn up and join the service whenever you choose.


The Forget Me Not campaign is a wonderful way to support Hospice in the Weald in remembrance of a loved one.


We would like to thank Glazy Daisy in Tunbridge Wells for kindly helping again this year with the glazing of the Forget Me Not flowers.


For more information about the Forget Me Not campaign, and information about how to purchase a flower, please contact Rachael Heath - Relationship Fundraising Manager on, 01892 820508 or email achael.heath@hospiceintheweald.org.uk