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Presentations from Courses & Study Days

Please click the links on the left for further information which, although primarily intended for use by Health & Social Care Professionals, may be useful for patients, families or carers.  If you are a patient, relative or carer you are welcome to access these documents, but please bear in mind that some content may be difficult to interpret or may be inappropriate for your individual circumstances.  Please contact the Medical Team at Hospice in the Weald or your Health & Social Care Professional to discuss any concerns you may have.

Content in these presentations was correct and up to date at the time of the presentation to the best knowledge of the author(s).  Some of the slides or other material may be difficult to interpret outside the context of the session and surrounding discussion at the time.  It is the responsibility of those using the information to ensure appropriate interpretation and application is undertaken with regards to any specific clinical situation.  We ask that you acknowledge the source of this material if you use it without editing or modification.