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Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT)

Hospice in the Weald recognises that some people wish to make decisions now about their future care in case they should lose capacity (the ability to make decisions for themselves) at some point in the future.  Specifically, they may not wish for intense efforts to be made to keep them alive if they feel that their quality of life would not give them the dignity that they currently enjoy.

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (sometimes known as Living Wills), allow people to give instructions about refusing possible medical treatments should there ever come a time when they are unable to make decisions for themselves or to communicate them to others.  Hospice in the Weald has therefore produced a variety of forms to help those people who may be thinking about these issues.


The above is an extract from our ADRT Patient Information Form.  To continue reading the full document, please click here

In addition, please see a list of ADRT forms below - click on the links to view.


ADRT Patient Information Form ADRT Form
ADRT Decision Making Checklist How to complete an ADRT Form