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Why We Need Volunteers

Some of our volunteers bring us a lifetime of experience, others find the experience and confidence gained by volunteering a useful stepping stone on the way to a rewarding career. Volunteering can give you a sense of achievement or could help to make new friends or discover hidden talents.

Whatever your working experience or life experience, you will hugely benefit our patients, their families and carers by volunteering.

Working as a volunteer can improve your career prospects and develop your skills, knowledge and self-confidence.  And, most importantly, you will find your skills and talents are respected and valued.

You could choose to volunteer in a service or department that is related to your studies, a hobby or interest or based on your past work experience. Alternatively, you could choose something you have never done before. We will be happy to train and support you in whichever role we agree will be mutually beneficial.

Volunteers help us provide all of the services that make hospice care extra special.

The greatest benefit to the Hospice is that be giving your time for free, we can provide more for our patients, families and carers that we would otherwise be about to provide.