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Position Statements

As part of Hospice in the Weald’s core value to be open and transparent in all we do, we wish to make clear statements about some ethical issues that can cause controversy or misunderstandings. We intend to make these statements public via our website and they are intended as a brief guide on the issue for members of staff and volunteers as well as Hospice patients, carers and families and the community we serve.

Position Statement on Assisted Dying
Hospice in the Weald is opposed to any change in the law concerning assisted dying.  If the law in England is changed in the future, Hospice in the Weald will not be involved in the provision of assisted dying to people under its care.

To read our full position statement on Assisted Dying please click here

Position Statement on Social Care

Hospice in the Weald is not responsible for the Social Care which its patients, families and carers need but we are, and always will be, responsible and will attend to the immediate needs of a patients wellbeing, safely and independence.

To read our full position statement on Social Care please click here