Counselling Support for Children and Young People


A very important part of our work is supporting our patients’ families. This includes offering advice about how to talk to children when someone has a life limiting illness and all the changes it can bring about.  We may recommend reading material for parents to use with children, some of which may be our own literature.

We can support adults when they have difficult conversations with children of any age about someone in the family who is dying.

We can provide support to anyone working with children of our families and often liaise with local schools to provide advice and support to teachers.

We also offer counselling for children, which often involves the use of creative activities such as drawing, painting and using puppets or sand trays. This approach can enable children to find ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings about what is happening for them.

If you would like to find out more about the services we provide, please contact us on 01892 820525, or email


Supporting a child


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